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Portfolio Composition

Distribution by Area
(based on acquisition price)

Distribution by Residential Unit Type
(based on acquisition price) (Note)

Note: The distribution ratios by residential unit type are calculated with the exclusion of acquisition price of Cosmo Heim Motosumiyoshi.

Earthquake Resistance

KDR, as a rule, invests in real estate that satisfies the new earthquake resistance standards or real estate that has earthquake resistance performance that satisfies or exceeds the same standards. Also, with regard to owned real estate deemed to require seismic fortification, prompt examination and implementation of reinforcement work will be conducted with due consideration to the operating conditions of the owned real estate in order to reduce risk of loss from earthquakes.
If the PML value (note) of individual real estate exceeds 20% or if the PML value of the overall portfolio exceeds 10% due to the addition of individual real estate, earthquake insurance coverage will be considered after comprehensively comparing the impact caused by disasters with the costs of insurance, etc.

Note: PML (Probable Maximum Loss) can be divided into PML of individual properties and PML of the entire portfolio. Although there is no unified definition of PML, we define PML here as the ratio of the loss occurred in case of the severest earthquake (e.g. severe earthquake that happens only once in 475 years = the probability of which happening in 50 years is 10%) that could happen during the life-span of the property (50 years = useful life of a common building), to the refinancing cost of the estimated restoration expenses.