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Internal Growth Strategy

KDR stands in the shoes of investors as it works to maintain and improve rental revenues from real estate owned by KDR through close and strict management of rental revenues.

Maintaining Income Stability

KDR seeks to improve the occupancy of owned real estate and endeavors to maintain and improve income, through the enhancement of relationships with tenants and timely leasing activities while keeping an eye on trends in the leasing market as well as planned maintenance, repairs and capital expenditures.

Outsourcing Property Management Operations in Line with Each Regional Characteristic

With the objective of optimizing revenues, property managers who are thought to have the most appropriate and best suited skills that match the characteristics of each property are selected. KDR strives to accumulate management and operational know-how through long-term collaborative relationships with the property managers, so that each property manager can conduct and maintain their property management operations above a certain level of quality in a continuous and stable manner.

Development of Branding Strategy

KDR, as a rule, will unify property names and signage under the brand of "KDX Residence," and will strive to maintain and improve asset value in an integrated manner by nurturing a uniform sense of high quality throughout the portfolio.