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Efforts to Improve Sustainability

Environmental Policies

We at Kenedix Residential Investment Corporation and Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. practice environmental awareness in conducting investment management by establishing the environmental policies stated below and proactively utilize environmental certification and assessment systems conducted by external assessment organizations.

1. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

We promote investment management with environmental awareness, in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

2. Promotion of Energy Conservation Measures

Recognizing the importance of resources and energy, we promote systematic endeavors for energy conservation measures at the real estate properties we manage.

3. Reduction of Environmental Burdens

Intending to reduce the burdens on the environment, we endeavor to take measures for reducing CO2 emissions and wastes as well as promoting recycling, etc.
We also fully exercise caution in handling hazardous substances and environmental pollutants.

4. Disclosure of Environmental Information

We endeavor to disclose necessary information, such as our environmental policies and the status of our environmental initiatives, to a variety of stakeholders including unitholders, tenants and business partners.

5. Environmental Education and Enlightenment

We endeavor to enhance environmental awareness of our officers and employees by internally implementing environmental education and enlightenment programs.

Established on January 26, 2016
Kenedix Residential Investment Corporation
Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification

The DBJ Green Building Certification is a certification system established by the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) in April 2011, designed to support real estate that demonstrates environmental and social awareness ("Green Buildings"). The system assesses and certifies properties that meet social and economic requirements, based on the comprehensive evaluations it makes on the environmental performance of the subject properties as well as their responses to a variety of stakeholders, including disaster prevention and consideration for communities. By doing so, the system is understood to support such environmental and social initiatives.

Details of the properties certified by the DBJ Green Building Certification

Based on the DBJ Green Building Certification system, the Investment Corporation has acquired certifications for the following properties it owns.

KDX Residence Ebisu
(Shibuya ward, Tokyo)

Properties with excellent environmental & social awareness

Ashiya Royal Homes
(Ashiya city, Hyogo)

Properties with excellent environmental & social awareness

KDX Residence Yotsuya
(Shinjuku ward, Tokyo)

Properties with high environmental & social awareness

KDX Residence Hanzomon
(Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)

Properties with high environmental & social awareness

KDX Residence Toyosu
(Koto ward, Tokyo)

Properties with high environmental & social awareness

Acquisition of GRESB assessment

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is a benchmark system for evaluating the sustainability performance of the real estate sector, established in 2009 primarily by a group of major European pension funds. Leading institutional investors participate in the GRESB assessment to utilize it in implementing their real estate investment and management processes. A high degree of attention has been paid to the GRESB survey, as it is used by institutional investors when they select investment targets and on other occasions. The GRESB survey, which is conducted each year, is participated in by many real estate companies, REITs and real estate private funds from around the world. The Investment Corporation is also a participant, starting with the 2016 GRESB survey.

Installation of SATOYAMA Units

A "SATOYAMA Unit" is a group planting unit of conventional seeds and plants remaining dormant in deserted village forests (called "satoyama"). We have installed the units at the entrance of KDX Residence Okachimachi.

Through the installation of the "SATOYAMA Units," we contribute to activities for restoring satoyama, as well as provide a comfortable living environment and help prevent bicycles from being left in no-parking areas.

Installation of LED Lights in Common Areas

We implement a variety of initiatives to conserve energy from the viewpoints of environmental awareness and cost reduction. As one measure in this endeavor, we replace lighting fixtures in common areas, etc. with LED lights. By doing so, we work to reduce the costs for replacing lights as well as electricity charges.

Remote Surveillance of Road Heating

We have installed remote surveillance systems for road heating (snow melting equipment) at our three properties located in Sapporo. The installations have resulted in significant reductions in the fuel costs for melting snow.

Preparation of Disaster Readiness Packs

In preparation for an outbreak of disasters, etc., we have prepared disaster readiness packs (containing foodstuff and drinking water, etc. for emergencies) at some of our properties for residing tenants to use in emergencies.