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External Growth Strategy

KDR selects investment targets from a broad variety of investment areas by focusing on the profitability of real estate and the potential profitability which materializes from the added-value of properties. In addition, strategy of multiple support pipelines which utilize the resources and expertise of all organizations involved through a network to share information on acquisition opportunities shall be developed to secure continual opportunities to acquire real estate and aim for steady portfolio growth.

Unique Network of the Asset Management Company

KDR leverages the diverse knowledge, experience and specialized skills possessed by the directors and staff of its asset management company, along with the broad information network it possesses in all areas of real estate and finance to collect information on investment opportunities.

Sponsor Support Line

Based on the Sponsor Support-Line Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Note), KDR has been given the first option to consider the purchase of real estate, real estate beneficiary interests in trusts, investment in equity in "tokumei-kumiai" (Japanese silent partnership), securities backed by real estate and such that are designated for residential purposes, etc. as their principal use that are owned or managed by Kenedix, Inc.


(Note) This refers to the Memorandum of Understanding dated October 1, 2013 (including subsequent changes), that was concluded among KDR, Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. and Kenedix, Inc.

Warehousing Function

Leveraging the warehousing function of Kenedix and Kenedix Advisors enables KDR to preferentially secure opportunities for acquiring real estate that cannot be immediately acquired by KDR due to reasons such as timing of finance or consistency with its investment standards, and allows the flexible securing of these acquisition opportunities.